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My name is Peter Allen (well, I’m sure you’ve guessed that bit already) and I love to capture the beauty of our world’s landscapes, mostly in England and Wales, based from the creative city of Bristol.

Back in childhood, the outdoors was a distant dream living in the city. I never really experienced the outdoors and even in the Army Cadets, I was sheltered from its beauty (drill is a past-time I’m happy I no longer partake in!). It wasn’t until I had a motorbike did I get my first glimpse. My first real adventure was on a small 250 with my camping gear riding into the Elan Valley. I remember sitting on the side of a hill overlooking Craig Goch reservoir at sunset with my camera perched on its tripod, happily snapping away at the beautiful landscape in front of me (see this image). It was here I came to appreciate the outdoors. Closing my eyes and listening to the sounds of nature, knowing I was sat there because of my own independence was an incredible feeling. Fast forward a couple years and I’m now writing about my experiences as a landscape photographer and enjoying every moment of it with my doggy companion, Kesha.

And just in case you were wondering who Kesha is…

German Shepherd sitting in a bed of bluebells
She’s my awesomely (I’m sure that’s a word) crazy German Shepherd.

My Photography

Photography is a big part of my life and is a lot more than just snapping a picture and making some money from it. At first, that’s exactly what I thought but after getting into the commercial side of photography, I realised that I was losing some of the most important (I believe) aspects of life. Enjoyment, fulfilment, happiness. Every day I look up at the sky, check the cloud formations to assess whether a sunset will happen or look around me to find a new composition. It gives me great joy getting out in nature, photographing it’s ‘good looks’ and enables me to appreciate life and live for the moment (some great inspirational keywords there!). ‘Producing’ images purely for money took that away from me. Ultimately, my goal with my landscape photography is to inspire others to venture out into the outdoors and show what a special world we live in, I hope that I might just help make a change in people’s opinion of how they treat our nature, for the better.

The moments I capture are primarily of vistas in some hard to reach, and not so hard to reach places at the most atmospheric times of day and season, usually at sunrise or sunset. Generally, I’ll visit the same location multiple times and won’t stop until I capture the moment that I’m looking for. You might occasionally see me venture into astrophotography, something I’m looking to progress further with.

Now I think that’s enough of me. Tell me a little bit about yourself – I’d love to hear from you, just send me a message!


My images are available to print in a variety of styles whether that be your conventional frame, or a more modern canvas and as I use a local photographic lab to produce all imagery on fine art paper, I am confident you will be impressed by the quality. I’m not purely incentivised by money although I of course know that to sustain an outdoor lifestyle, I must produce some funds from it.

If you’d like to purchase a print, then please get in touch or alternatively, visit the relevant image’s page and click the ‘Purchase print’ link.

Thank you for supporting my work. Please know that purchasing a print is the highest form of compliment that I can receive as a photographer.

The image was printed on a 105cm x 59cm (slightly larger than A1) canvas for a client. You can find this image here.
Slightly larger than A3 printed on Pearlescent Giclee Fine-Art paper to enhance the night sky in a bespoke black frame. Plus signature, of course! You can find this image here.

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  1. Wow- Pete

    You are such a humble guy I never realised you were so talented, despite knowing you for almost yr.
    So impressed with your photography.
    Well done Matey

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