Sunrise of Sugarloaf and Table Mountain
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Sunrise of Sugarloaf and Table Mountain

I envisioned a beautiful sunrise mixed with frost plus a lovely composition taking in two distinctive Brecon Beacon peaks, Sugarloaf and Table Mountain. The weather was forecast to be the coldest night of the winter thus far, so I was hoping for a lot of frost. Surprisingly there wasn’t as much frost as I’d hoped for but, as always, it gives me another reason to head back! Still very pleased with the image.

I also would like to thank Ed from the cottage accommodation at Perth-Y-Pia (just below Table Mountain) for allowing me to stay the night, it’s mainly for large groups so it’s much appreciated and saved me the over hour journey from Bristol at 4am! For those interested, It’s two beautiful old cottages completely refurbished internally in a stunning location – go check out their website.

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