The Distinctive Sugarloaf
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The Distinctive Sugarloaf

The forecast for a weekend in February 2018 was set to be a mixed bag; gales, broken cloud, snow flurries and rain. Planning a few days before made think it’ll be either absolutely stunning or a complete failure. It’s always a ‘risk’ with this type of weather as it’s constantly changing but if it goes right, then the display of light will be stunning. Thankfully, stunning I got!

The image is of the distinctive Sugarloaf Mountain in the Brecon Beacons. As I was climbing the opposite peak making my way to the planned location on Pen Cerrig Calch, the sun illuminated the sky with a pink glow, even more so than in the resulting image and still with 50m to climb and 1/2 mile of walking, I decided to bolt it in the hope I might make it for sunrise. Unfortunately, I didn’t, but as I was running across a sheep’s trail, I looked back and saw this composition. I quickly set up my tripod and camera, dialled my settings and fired my shots. Very intense 10 minutes of photography – the relief after capturing the moment was bloody awesome!

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